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  Previously Published
BEHAN ET AL. Vascular Basis of Laterally Based Forehead Island Flaps and their Clinical Applications. Transactions of the 2nd Congress of the European Section of the International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Madrid, 1973. The Angiotome concept
BEHAN, F.C., Principles of the Angiotome. Transaction of VI International Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Paris, 1973.
BEHAN, F.C., The Fasciocutaneous Island Flap: An Extension of the Angiotome Concept. ANZ J. Surg., 62, 11, 874-886, 1992.
BEHAN ET AL. Fasciocutaneous Island Flaps for Orthopaedic Management in Lower Limb Reconstruction using Dermatomal Precincts. ANZ J. Surg., 64, 3, 155-166, 1994.
BEHAN ET AL. Island Flaps, including the Bezier Type in the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma. 1995. ANZ J. Surg.
BEHAN, F.C. The Venous Island Conduit (VIC) Flap for Ring Avulsion Injuries, Journal of Hand Surgery - British Volume, 23 (4): 465-71, 1998.
BEHAN, F.C., The KDPIF in reconstructive surgery, ANZ Journal of Surgery, 73 (3):112-20, 2003.

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BEHAN, F.C., Dashboard Dislocations. Br. J. Hosp. Med., 1, 9, p.363, 1973.
BEHAN ET AL. Reconstruction of Plantar Pad after Degloving Injury of Foot. S.G. and O. 137, 65, 971, 1973.
BEHAN ET AL. Subungual Malignant Melanoma Difficulty in Diagnosis. Br. Med. J., 310-312, 1974.
  In Preparation
BEHAN B.C., The KDPIF for Loco-/Regional Recurrence of Melanoma of the Groin (for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal)
BEHAN B.C., The KDPIF for Ankle Defects, particularly in the LEderly (for ANZ Journal of Surgery)
BEHAN B.C., The KDPIF in Hand Surgery (for Journal of Hand SUrgery - British Volume)
BEHAN B.C., The KDPIF - Its Applications in Irradiated Tissue (to be submitted October 2004 to the ANZ Journal of Surgery).
BEHAN B.C., CT Angiography in the KDPIF.
BEHAN B.C., KDPIF - Is there Such a Thing as Pain-Free Surgery? - in conjunction with the anaesthetic department at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute.

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